Short Film | 16mm

Cast: Pardis Parker, Mark Little
Writer, Director, Producer: Pardis Parker

Selected Press

"Afghan squeezed more heart from an 11 minute short film than many Hollywood directors can muster from feature length pictures."

"Simultaneously hilarious and poignant, this short piece managed to contain great acting and a powerful message about the universe of possible responses to fear-driven aggression. It was both a timely comment on the hateful political climate of intolerance in which we exist, but also a timeless meditation on the transformative power of art. Grade: A-plus."

"Beautiful. The award-winning short tells the story of a hate crime victim forced to look for humor where none should be found."

"The film plays with black humour, but it comes from a place of hurt that's real."

"There was one thing I’ll never forget - a car on my street was spray-painted with the words, 'Go Home Arab.' And that became the jumping-off point for this film."

"Comedians are always getting in trouble for going too far, but don't mistake filmmaker Pardis Parker for being cavalier. This isn't about trying to be shocking; it's about connecting."

"A number of quality shorts made in Nova Scotia will be programmed at the Toronto International Film Festival this year...a spotlight Screening of Nova Scotia emerging talent."

"Afghan tells a story of active and ugly racism responded to with thoughtful humour."

"His award-magnet short Afghan is still garnering attention on the US film festival circuit."

"Pardis Parker received four Canadian Comedy Award nominations Tuesday."

Selected Awards & Distinctions

2014 Imago Film Festival

Special 10th Anniversary Screening - Best of the Decade

2011 Toronto International Film Festival

Emerging Filmmakers Spotlight Screening

2011 Athens International Film Festival

Jury Prize

2010 Canadian Comedy Awards

Nominee: Pardis Parker - Best Writing, Film

Nominee: Pardis Parker - Best Performance by a Male, Film

2009 Just For Laughs Film Festival

Best of Just For Laughs

2009 Calgary International Film Festival

Curated Screening - Best of Just For Laughs

2009 CBC Short Film Face-Off


Other Awards & Distinctions

2013 Gimli Film Festival

Curated Screening - Best of the NSI Film Festival

2012 Next Wave Art Salon

Time Arts Award

2011 Creative Arts Film Festival

Winner: Best Short Film

Winner: Paul St. Amand - Best Editing

Winner: Zan Rosborough - Best Sound Design

Winner: Mathieu Benoit - Best Original Score

Nominee: Pardis Parker - Best Director

Nominee: Alastair Meux - Best Cinematography

2011 World Music and Independent Film Festival

Nominee: Pardis Parker - Best Actor

Nominee: Pardis Parker - Best Screenplay

Nominee: Mark Little - Best Supporting Actor

2011 Imago Film Festival

1st Place

2011 Margaret River Shorts Film Festival


2011 Big Dam Film Festival

People's Choice Award

2011 Buttered Corn on the Cob Film Festival

Juror Pick

2010 Screaming Ant Film Festival

Best Narrative Film

Featured Filmmaker Award

2010 Desiderata Film Festival

1st Place

2010 Atlanta Philosophy Film Festival

Audience Choice Award

2010 Twin Rivers Media Festival

Award of Excellence

2010 Moondance International Film Festival

Atlantis Award

2010 Films in Bloom

Audience Award - Silver

2009 ViewFinders International Film Festival

Best Short Film

2008 Atlantic Film Festival

CBC Atlantic Shorts Gala

Other Screenings

2013 Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival
2012 Culture Days Manitoba Pop Up Film Festival
2012 South Texas Underground Film Festival
2012 Island Media Arts Festival
2012 Crossroads Film Festival
2012 ReelWorld Film Festival
2012 Jubilee Film Festival
2011 CNS Diversity Film Festival
2011 Washington West Film Festival
2011 Ventura Film Festival
2011 Anthem Film Festival
2011 Petaluma Film Festival
2011 Riverside International Film Festival
2011 Davis Film Festival
2011 Indie Spirit Film Festival
2011 Sene Film Festival
2011 Tallahassee Film Festival
2011 Detroit Independent Film Festival
2011 Beloit International Film Festival
2011 Yellowknife International Film Festival
2011 Derby City Film Festival
2010 Miami Short Film Festival
2010 Canton Palace International Film Festival
2010 Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival
2010 Montgomery Film Festival
2010 Huntsville International Film Festival
2010 Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival
2010 NSI Film Festival
2010 Grand Rapids Film Festival
2010 Glen Rose Neo-Relix Film Festival
2010 TriMedia Film Festival
2010 Estes Park Film Festival
2010 Southern Appalachian International Film Festival
2010 Hyart Film Festival
2010 Southern Winds Film Festival
2010 Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival
2010 Washougal International Film Festival
2010 Interrobang Film Festival
2010 Film Stories Festival
2010 Urban Suburban Film Festival
2010 Phoenix International Christian Film Festival
2009 Dawn Breakers International Film Festival
2009 PEI International Film Festival
2009 Hubbards Barn Summer Shorts Mini-Festival